The Crucifixion of Pussy Riot

by El Dorko

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This whole Pussy Riot thing has got me fired up! Enough so that I wrote this piece over at my blog 'Punk Retrospective': before writing this song. I truly believe there are profound lessons for punks and other rebels to learn from the tactics of Pussy Riot...have a read, it won't hurt you.

This is the first El Dorko release in about 18 years and there's more where this came from. There are only 200 free downloads available per month on each Bandcamp site, so share this song with your friends! You can also pay something if you feel the urge...

Free Pussy Riot!


Father Kirill, Father Putin,
Mother Russia, Mother Church,
The Time has come for your Decision,
Pussy Riot - Freedom or Crucifixion?

What do you fear?

A Dance in Pink & Blue & Green,
This is what you call obscene?
Watch the Church Crucify the Artist,
On the Altar of the State.

A Feminizing Force in a World too Masculine,
The Spirit Questioning and Giving Rise to Peace,
The Imperative of Truth demands that They Be Set Free!

When Mothers Stand to Free their Children,
And Citizens respond with Hate,
The stultifying Fear / repression,
Tyranny at the Saviours’ Gate.

The Freedom of the Artist and the Individual,
Are Never borrowed from the power of a theocratic State,
May the Masses of Humanity Awaken and Be Set Free!


released August 15, 2012
Percussion - Jake Josephian
Everything else -



all rights reserved


El Dorko California

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