Squatters Inc.

by El Dorko

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released January 1, 1996



all rights reserved


El Dorko California

...old people...

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Track Name: Indoctrination
They’re watching me from space,
They can see my face,
They know what I think,
And what I feel,
And what I ate at my last meal.

Their prying eyes meet mine,
They’re biding their time,
They have my name on file,
My mind controlled,
They could probably even make me kill.

They’re keeping track of me,
There’s nothing they don’t see,
From my hair to my underwear,
To everything I wanna be.

Camera in my TV screen,
So they can see into my dreams,
The masturbation fantasies,
My plans, my lies and my grand scheme.

I’m gonna watch them burn,
Make them take their turn,
Take out my indoctrination,
And turn it right around on them,
Kill their mind…
Kill their mind like they killed mine,
Track Name: Torn
Convergence of crisis
Turmoil, tumultuous
Mass collusion
Pursuant to the issue
Focus and goal
Extruded from the system
Mass produced family
Create and embrace
The new civilization
Break monopoly
Frustrate authority
Rebel within the system
Vandal compel
Paint a fucking story
Cheap customized units
Polarized factions
Indicates the future
Trust within a group
Hook into the machine
Log on
Drop out
Do you really need another God?
Track Name: Pain
Hey! You’re tired of life
You turn your back and you won’t look me in the eye

Pain! A part of growin’ up
Look deep inside yourself and find the strength and you’ll be free

Rage! When seeing through lies
It builds integrity and fuels the fires of change

Hate! Is cowardice
Those bastards take, but within let’s build community

Lies! They sold you
They’re only told through conditioning

Faith! Let’s build on trust
Think for yourself, be a friend and the truth will not be lost

Hey! You’re tired of life
Pain! A part of growin’ up
Rage! When seeing through lies
Hate! Is cowardice
Lies! They sold you
Faith! Let’s build on trust
Track Name: Tractor Man
My friend Ira had a wicked dream
‘Bout a big-grinned man on a mean machine
His teeth were exposed back to his ears
You’d hear him giggle when he’d shift gears

This man’s face had never healed
So he dragged skinless people around a field
Just staring and smiling his evil grin
His skin pulled down beneath his chin

Tractor man stares and smiles with an evil grin
Tractor man skin is pulled way down beneath his chin

He plowed the field to plant his seed
Human eggs and semen what he did breed
A skinny lookin’ preacher workin’ on his farm
He loved the world, he’d do no harm

The smile never left his face
As he worked the ground of his father’s place
When fall came he’d chop us down
Our skins, his harvest, he’d take to town

Tractor man chop us down take our skins to town
Tractor man take us all on a trip to town

He got a lot of money for skins
In his world they made good gloves
He’d get a lot of money for body parts
‘Cuz everyone loves to eat human hearts

He’d sell off our parts at the county mart
Then blow all his money on tractor parts
But tractor man wouldn’t sell your eyes
‘Cuz if he did you couldn’t see him drive

He wants you to see him drive, tractor man
He wants you to see him drive, tractor man
Track Name: Ramoan
Bye Bye Joey
Don’t you cry
Break up, baby
Why, oh, why

‘Cuz ya should have quit recording
Four albums ago
Too Tough to Die
Then say goodbye
Adios Amigos

Bye Bye Pinhead
So long Judy
Glad to See You Go go
Sheena, Suzy

I don’t want
To have to hear you whine
You wanna be rich
You shouldn’t bitch
Adios Amigos
Track Name: Stop
They work hard to make you feel safe
They hide truth to help you relate
Whose interest do they protect?

What are their motives?
Their agenda?
Is it the cops or the media?
Is it corporate?
Or governmental?
Define reality and keep control

They work hard to get you to buy
Look at the truth and call it a lie
Take something free and make you pay

Who are the people in control?
What are their reasons for dominance?
Are they so greedy? Take from the needy
Silly little men in their corporate suits

They’re a group outside the law
They follow corporations to a flaw
All for me, to hell with you

They’re the gangsters
And the taggers
Their pants look like they’re carrying a load
You’re a tough guy
A real tough guy
Silly little man in your great big pants
Track Name: Flicker
Takin’ me out tonight
In a truck by the river
To the shed with one light

Takin’ me out tonight
To the shed by the river
Gonna snuff out my life

My flickering light
The edge of a knife
Snuff out my life
By the shimmering light

I guess I’m alright
Don’t feel so uptight
The things I see ain’t always there
A rat in the mirror with a freaky stare
I guess I’m alright

Takin’ their time tonight
Sharpen up the scalpel
Take a good look inside

Strappin’ me down tonight
Reprogram the mind
They can make me alright

The program ain’t right
Their program ain’t right
Go for their mind
Gonna take out their sight

I guess I’m alright
Feel the love tonight
Society schemes, always trying to fix
Morality and money should never mix
I guess I’m alright
Track Name: Art Department
We’re at the stage on a Friday night
Gotta put up these walls if it takes all night
Got my screwgun and a spackle knife
What the hell have I done with my life

My social life has ceased to be
Hey, Mom, look at me

Art Department (x4)

Home at two, sleep ‘til four
Shower and shit, I’m out the door
Walk in late, my back is out
Director says, “Hey, move that couch”

My boss just stands there as I bleed
This set ain’t what they need

Art Department (x4)

Go to find some other work
So I don’t feel like such a jerk
After all those years in school
I get parking tickets and missing tools

I feel gig butt setting in
Just a chaffing of the skin

Art Department (x4)

Features, commercials, video shit
This is all that comes of it
I get a paycheck and a tank of gas
My jeans all have a hole in the ass

I wish I could just quit this job
But then I couldn’t get

Unemployment (x3)
I’m a poor man
Track Name: Scratchy
Unemployment insurance runs out next week
Lost in their job market
Still need food to eat

I’m the big loser in the capitalist system
I’m a big loser, I can’t compete
I’m the big loser in the global economy
My job’s in Germany, I’m in L.A.
I’m a big loser!

I’m too old to die young
Youthful in my heart
Technological nightmares
Can’t make them stop

We’ve lost control of the U.S. government
We’re little nothings, you and me
We’re headed for the cashless society
Take the mark, stand in line
And then burn in hell

The sickness of our world
Grows clearer every day
You control the masses
Buy out ABC

Worship the mouse, he is the future
He’s your new leader, bow to Mickey
Worship the man in the cryonic chamber
He’s leading you from beyond the grave
It’s a grave day
Track Name: Today
Tax rollbacks on the elderly
They want a quick fix they’re the GOP
Cuts against life and dignity
Line their pockets with the blood of humanity

See the homeless man on a bench
Screaming at his tears, their betrayal echoes life
In this land of wealth, a sense of despair
No sense of self

Hey there, American girl
Got your bags all packed out to explore the world
Where it’s one for you, two for me
It’s their definition of equality

Tax dollars go to pay
For the men who sold you out today
Cut health, education, welfare, Medicaid
You don’t need a government anyway

That’s right, life’s unfair
If I can make a difference then I’ll be there
But I look with fear at what’s coming our way
And I try to figure out what I can do today
Track Name: I Saw God
When you see me do you see the past
Do you see the present, do you hope I’m the last
When you’re in love do you feel the pain
Of the life you’ve lived with no sense of gain

I saw God In the hearts of men today
I saw God Telling me the price to pay
I saw God Giving you the strength you need
I saw God Selling out to corporate greed
I saw God Telling me to say goodbye
I saw God Saying this life is a lie
I saw God Saying this life is a lie
I saw God I saw God

As you live life in this jaded age
Do you stop to think of the constant state
Know that now is no time for regret
Know it’s you I will never forget

I saw God With a rule book in His hand
I saw God Setting fire to the land
I saw God Put a knife right into your heart
I saw God Cut you short from the very start
I saw God Selling people all brands of hate
I saw God Giving us our species fate
I saw God Through the eyes of an atheist
I saw God In the love of a mothers kiss
I saw God I saw God
I saw God I saw God

God is everywhere
Track Name: Brothers
Moms’ old snapshots from December ‘69
We were young then now I wanna turn back time

Fence posts, cow shit and fishing hooks
Root cellar trucks and laundry chutes

Those times have come and passed
Our youth is fading every day
All we ever wanted was more hours in a day
You weren’t just my brother you were more like my best friend
I wish we’d never grown up and stayed kids until the end

Time has changed and the miles grow
Distance won’t change what we both know
We were brothers then and we’re brothers now
Something time’s never ever gonna change

This old picture from September ‘74
Little brother, this one sprouts to 6’ 4”

Fall down the chimney, fall down the stairs
Blanket forts and Indians smuttin’ your ears

You’re the one that scared me
I almost took your life
And what it took me years to learn
You learned in just one night
You taught me things I should have known
Or learned from my mistakes
I’m glad I got some time with you
To sail the frozen lake

Our lives have changed and the miles grow
But distance don’t change what we both know
We were brothers then and we’re brothers now
Something space can never ever change

Our last brother born October ‘78
Missed the farm life, I guess he was born too late

City boy driver scarin’ everyone
Rifle shootin’ actor on a video hunt

You grew up without me
And I grew without you
And when we look at pictures we can’t tell who is who
All I ever wanted was to spend more time with you
When real life comes between us I always think of you

You’re at home and I’m far away
Our age is different but our roots are the same
We were brothers then and we’re brothers now
Something I’d never ever want to change
Track Name: No Time
Everything I do they wanna know
Everywhere I go you know they’re there
Everything I see they put it there

Everything I do they’re gonna see
They watch me workin’ on a TV screen
They even wanna watch me take a pee

Every day they tell me what to do
Every day the eye is on you, too
I follow the program
So do you
Track Name: Hide
I could just sit back and watch it all happen
Watch our rights vanish with all hope of a future
I could just drop out and live on a mountain
And I could stay there ‘til the men with the saws came to take it away
But I’ll watch the destruction
And I’ll wonder who’ll stop it for me

There comes a time for a man to stand up
To face corruption, take on those at the top
I don’t know if this is my time
All I know it the contempt that they’ve shown
For the rights of the poor
Should make them targets in this world
With no fuckin’ place to hide

Expose the lies
Expose the liars
This country needs to know
The corporate thieves who lead them
Preaching to the converted just won’t work anymore

Reject their leaders and their corporate products
Expose their lies designed to tear us apart
Align with others to accumulate power
Expose corruption within and without
Just begin
Get it out
Let the world face the truth of the lie
And you’ll stop it for me
Track Name: Squatters Inc.
They came to me about an hour ago, man
They said the cops busted through our back door
Oh, hey
In Hollywood

They said they couldn’t get my shit, man
All I got now is the shit in my pockets
Just seventeen

I’m actin’ cool like I don’t care, but
The shit in my bag was my link to the old world
This ain’t my day

Tearin’ shit up just venting our anger
The cops drive by and I give them the finger

We’re not strollin’ down the runway
We’re moving through the streets
California winter under red, white and blue heat

Fight their corporations
With Squatters Incorporated

I’ve never figured out how to play their games, man
And now I’m living off societies remains
Oh, hey
I’m doin’ great

I’ve got a lot of friends who help when I need them
I do the same for others ‘til they prove they ain’t worth it
The circle A

Now I’m getting cynical I see where we’re headed
Angry old man out to stir up some trouble
Can you relate?

I’m really getting tired of living in squalor
But the rats and the roaches didn’t screw up the world now

Squatters Incorporated
Squatters Incorporated

Don’t be part of a mind control plot
Track Name: Peyote
Sticky backs on the open road
Roaring wind in my ears
Dry heat haze in the soaking sun
Mirage mountain on the plain

Dust devil swirling sandy surprise
Black lizard dives into sage
A cactus and a rattle snake
Fireflash mushroom in the sky

Peyote and the atom bomb
The colors are so bold
A snapshot taken from your back porch
The story left untold

Downwinder prophets on the desert flats
Tell of changes they’ve seen
A higher form of lowlife
Gains life through our worst dreams

Peyote and the atom bomb
The colors are so bold
A snapshot taken from your back porch
The story left untold

Mutated bodies play in fallout zones
Clumps of hair lie on the ground
A higher form of lowlife
Gains life through our worst dreams